Early 19th century Foggathorpe emigration.

In the book "Foggathorpe - A History of Village Life" I wrote about the Rev. John Barker, the son of a village labourer who was taken as an infant to America in 1813. There, he developed a thirst for knowledge and became a professor of philosophy and chemistry at Alleghemy College Pennsylvania.

Emigrating in 1829, and also born at Foggathorpe, was one Richard Rowland who, according to his descendants in Australia, was an employee of the Clarkson family. He sailed on the Tranby from Hull with Michael and James Smith Clarkson to the Swan River Settlement, Western Australia, in September 1829. It would seem very likely that he would have attended the old Wesleyan Chapel and worked at Manor Farm.

There may well have been others from this locality who found life unbearable in that era and left the country.

According to Edward Baines, in 1823 the population was 137 and by the census of 1841, it had fallen to 97. The numbers might not be totally accurate, but the question arises - who were these people and where did they go?

Can anyone identify any of these individuals as their ancestors?

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